Escape Room (2019)

Escape Room (2019)
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Escape Room (2019)

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Title:Escape Room (2019)
Director:Adam Robitel
Writers:Bragi F. Schut, Maria Melnik
Stars:Deborah Ann Woll, Tyler Labine, Taylor Russell
Genres:Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Release Date:4 January 2019 (USA)
Runtime:1h 39m
Filming Locations:
Storyline:A young disheveled man falls from the ceiling into a library. He frantically looks for a code to enter into a puzzle as the walls around him start to move in. The movie resets to three days earlier. Shy Physics student Zoey, struggling stockboy Ben, young trader Jason, pyrophobic war veteran Amanda, former miner Mike and escape room enthusiast Danny are all gifted a puzzle box invitation to the Minos Escape Room Facility for a chance to win ten thousand dollars should they successfully escape. Each player walks into a waiting room, and is told by a person behind a frosted window to “have a seat and someone will be with you shortly”.

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